Improving Sleep Patterns

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Improving Sleep Patterns
by Jim Byrd
One of the most eventual ways of improving sleep patterns is through either meditation or Yoga. And also, to get your day started right, try doing the Sun Salutation each and every day. And after that, any meditation method will work, try just intoning the word, OM to somewhat still the mind and focus only on visible air coming in and out of your nose at the moment. The key to developing quality sleep patterns is to stress down before and during awake hours. The same as don’t bring your work home from the job, the same principle, don’t take your stressors to bed with you.
It has also been shown in one study that the act of meditation can help students perform better in school and that study also shared the fact that Meditation lowers blood pressure.
Do something good for yourself, meditate before retiring at night as well.
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