Good Morning H-11

Hexagram 11

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by James Byrd

I. The Oracle 

A. Hexagram Eleven is related closely to PEACE, hence, the coming together of heaven and earth, The Great Merger. There is nothing wrong with attraction, that just happens when the is by nature what opposite do.

Another variation would be the idea of -heaven and earth mingling within the reality of man,- or better yet, -They Join and make something better, a better person.-(5) The time is correct for drastic movements in any direction; at best become pervasive with your plan, but not to the point of stepping on the foot of the master of ceremonies as you enjoy euphoric contentment at this time. Again, there is an advantage in whatever direction one might take at this time, but if you do, do not force your opinions on those you might meet along the way, for now, -do not use the Army.-(2)

   1. Now is a good time to cross the great water. I say that because as the image depicts, we see that of haven below and earth above, this is a time of natural peaceful resolutions which is as planned by the command of nature, which is beyond man’s control. It is the nature of existence to be in accord with this due happenstance today. There is some headway if one recognizes that the earth is a part of the solar system and that we must first connect and unite here on earth at this time before connecting with Mars or Venus, although that is a distance wish.

The internet has made it possible to reach out and say good morning to someone on the other side of earth within Nanoseconds, we need to connect and unite and move in tune with the nature of time. Technology man. Above all, keep your beliefs, but stop looking for a payphone; because times are changing, so make modifications to your lifestyle.

   2. Peace :
This is a time of merging for the greater good. One big greenhouse, we are all in. At this time this is the image that should be on one’s mind. This is not a thing that is of a permanent state, meaning it is just for the moment, now.

The ebb and flow of time, accept it and move with it. During these times it is said that -openness is the prerequisite of Influence,-(2) hence, transparency is the best course of action right now. Although the times are of peaceful contentment, abound, do not stray from your appointed, or planned path. (2) The general to carry is, “#Be-consistent.”

B. The Image

  1. Earth above, Heaven below, at this moment all is vice-versa.
      a) The small go and the big come, the idea of pervading. This can be described as a situation where there is an expansion with the notion of continually spreading of prosperity via communicating the idea pervading, or connecting as we come into accord with the appointed time. (3)
      b) Thus there is a great advantage in moving forward and making our crucial connections at this time for the greater good of all on earth, particularly, “his universe.” The preparation is for the next phase, Obstruction. (3)

II. My interpretation

  A. All I can see is the idea of one planet at a time. We need to focus on the up-keep of this planet right now. We know what will happen if during the course of ones invasive, and opinionated ideas, being imposed on others by force, but now there is a need for a pervasive idiom that finally makes sense, self-actualization. Take care, there is only one Sun. Do you know anyone from any other planet? We are on the same planet, yet we are distant with our plans for the future of the earth as a whole.

The Sun is a double edge sword, it could help the earth by maintaining life, or it could over radiate the oceans over time, again if left unchecked, environmental equilibrium imbalance could result in great losses. What we want to see at this time is a seed which is of heavenly qualities, with the ability to procreate, as it forces its way upwards, or up and down, within the earth. Thus, we can say the great approaches, the uniting of heaven and earth, the image of Peace. Good fortune, Success, and Growth. (1)

1. Again, now is a good time to cross the great river, in plain words, there will be going and coming with no loss. The hexagram has more to do with that of expansion and less to do with that of Splitting Apart as is the case with Hexagram 23.
Remember, no one can stop Heaven and earth from joining. Before you were born this had happened before, you cannot stop the process from happening as Heaven and Earth self- checks itself. You are here because that was your wish to be born, do not think you can now control equilibrium as it exists within this notion of now. Be a good neighbor and help keep the earth clean for the next group wishing to be born who will hopefully help the earth to evolve, and bloom. I also see fall planting of seeds today.

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Good Morning And Happy Easter H-35

I. The Oracle

A. The Lines

1. [6] Even though everything is set for Rapid Progress, there is an air of uncertainty. The
disinterested man is not sure that he will be accepted and trusted; others may turn him
away. But he is not disturbed by this possibility. He continues on a rightful path, without
trying to force his way. Eventually, his integrity will be recognized, and all will turn out
2. [6] Rapid Progress is prevented by someone in a powerful position. This is a great disappointment,
but the man is not deterred. He keeps on his rightful path, and eventually, the
powerful man recognizes his great assets and rewards him.
3. [6] A man is unable to proceed on his own, but luckily he has many supporters who urge
him on. With their support, he is able to make progress in spite of all adversity.
4. [9] A time of Rapid Progress often provides opportunities for wrongful gain. If a man
succumbs to such temptations, he runs great risk in eventually having his actions brought
to light. A superior man avoids making progress through improper means.
5. [6] If a person in an influential position does not take advantage of opportunities to promote
his private interests, he should not entertain regrets. It is far more important to maintain
the confidence others place in him and not throw his influence away by pursuing self-enrichment.
Such opportunities are trivial compared to his main mission.
6. [9] There is a time when progress demands that a man stand firm and forcefully oppose
resistance based on erroneous ideas. This is risky–but proper–when dealing with one’s
close associates; but it can only lead to reversals if strangers are handled in this way.
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B. The Image

1. Sun above, Earth below, the image represents the condition of Advancement or that of Progress.

II. My interpretation

A. With this scene, we will see things as they would normally appear to the normal eye. There is no darkness at the moment as the conditions might reflect. Now the moment has come to advance but there are elements that somewhat hold us back from progressively moving forward at the moment. If you can accept the trust that is given by the community, for now, all will be well. Above all, keep your eye on your goal as you progressively move forward. In short, the superior person must make more brilliant his or her bright virtue, create more betterments towards that brightness and brilliance, and let it be known to all.

April 21

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Limitation Is The Word For Today H-60

“This hexagram describes your situation in terms of confused relations. it emphasizes that making limits and connections clear particularly through speech, is the adequate way to handle it. to be in accord with the time, you are told to: Articulate!”


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Signed Copy ~ “The Future” ~ By James Byrd

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By: James Byrd, MBA (Business Consultant)

Mark your calendar now. My book/calendar will help you understand upcoming days and generate less stress as to what a certain day in the past, present or the future will be like, or in essences, what will become an obvious reflection of time.

My newest edition,  “The Future: 2020” is based on the first edition, (“Foretell the Future with the I Ching and My Calendar of Days.”) I just downsized the title somewhat and add more of my observations to be noted by my fans that have been following this project. There is also an eBook coming out soon to accompany this new edition. Cost for the eBook will be $0.99 to you for now.

About the first edition:

It’s called, “Foretell the Future with the I Ching and My Calendar of Days”. With this enlighten book/calendar, you will learn within a short time about “The I Ching” or “Book of Changes”, and you will gain some insight into how the I Ching influenced me to create a perpetual calendar. My calendar is based on the 64 hexagrams, with the hexagrams for each specific day on “My Calendar of Days,” being a window into the present, past, and of course the future. Once again, use the calendar to gain an insight into the scheme of things relating to the past, present, and also that of future events or outcomes. My main zealous concentration with this perpetual calendar is to know when to fast.
With hexagram 36 days, which is on my calendar, comes the idea that one should fast for three days as a presentation towards atonement of some sort, I usually take raw, fresh fruit juice for three days. It is very enlightening to know when to fast, and also know when to abstain from a full load of activities. I usually take a vacation from work for about three to seven days. This helps me to purge all poisons, and other nonorganic obstructions from my body and it keeps me out of harm’s way as well because as I know, hexagram thirty-six does reflect in some way, Injury, which is mostly self-inflicted through wrong choices of consumptions, such as, alcohol, and smoking, and also not taking time out, through what I would guess, meditation, or yoga, not television consumption all the time.
The one hexagram that brings into mind the relationship between man/woman and God is Hexagram 1, The Creative. The thing with hexagram 36, knowing those days, I know not to take any undue chances, three days leading up to that date, and for three, days thereafter, hence, the old bell curve pattern. Another self-crucifixion can come in the form of consumption of the wrong kind of water. That one could be another slippery sidewalk at night.
The key indicator is how it all relates to “My Calendar of Days,” that is, it all seems to be the general tendency of the events that the I Ching in some way presents its indicator for a given day, these events can all be viewed as Cyclical, thereby, an indication of a perpetual calendar. And on any given Saturday, it will encompass that Lotto machine. But first, find your birthday on the calendar and study that.

Meat: From Field To Consumption

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By James Byrd
The federal government has from time-to-time tried to intervene within the meat processing industry with such campaigns as “Eat less red and processed meats,” as pronounced by the federal Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC). I understand it’s like candy but the whole truth about the road of meat from birth to consumption can be short and cheap, or it can be long and beneficial for human consumption. It’s not like when my Mother use-to go out and grab a chicken out the chicken coop and chop its head off. With those chickens we knew what was fed to the chickens because that was my job, feeding the chickens. Their food consisted of regular crackled-up corn feed. Nowadays that claim is doubtful with any type of meat consumptions which has a gigantic array of additives to enhance the shelf-life and maybe the taste of that particular meat.
The start of the process begins with farmers who believe that they are doing the right thing by producing and grazing millions of farm animals which in turn has a devastating impact on both the water supply and quality of air. Now next these same open-range animals are then moved on down line to the inhumane factory farms or feedlots. At that point they are fed; antibiotics genetically engineered grain and the most ill-reversible fate of all, artificial hormones. The last byproduct of factory meats is very important because it affects the sexual orientation of young people. Do you need that?
Also, there are psychological ramifications to expect with the consumption of confined animal’s hormones (CAFO), that is, you become what you eat, by eating caged stressed animals, and you will, in turn, become stressed. So there you have it, the meat in most cases starts out ok, except for the environmental detriments, and is somewhat contaminated as it makes its way to your plate, and we are talking about 95 percent of beef and a large percentage of other meats still come from feedlots and factory farms.
Trust me, once you stick to vegan and try to go back to eating meat once again, you will almost immediately sense the taste of death. Learn more about becoming Vegan.
Cummins, Ronnie. 2015 The food fight we might all agree on: because no one in their right mind really wants meat from factory farms. The Free Library (July, 1), food fight we might all agree on: because no one in their right…-a0420197589 (accessed August 29 2016)

Good Morning ~ Elegance Is The Word

Credit: “The I Ching and My Calendar”: — Learn more about “Elegance” — And Over All, Make It A Good Day!

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“The orator, he has the ear of the people provided, content, the end goal, behavioral temperaments, within a range of days/years are consistent with the image the orator wants to project.”

-Jim B., Jan. 22, 2019