My new book on the market now folks…

Well here it is folks my new book or should I say the old book that I have been working on for years. This book was created to present in total the idea behind my calendar of days of which is the most important part of this book. The importance of this book is knowing, ”the trend of now.”
Since my first submittal of the manuscript in July of 2010, the market has gone from 10.1k to 10.8 k, a nine percent change in the Dow. Can’t exactly say it’s the results of my joint efforts of the presentation of my work to the public as a whole. But things are looking up folks.
The only thing to happen on this end that’s worth noting, a friend of mine almost got hit by lighting on what the calendar had presented as an adverse day. That was August 7, I decided to work that day then go on vacation. I saw it too, white heat. On My Calendar Days, the hexagram 36 was indicated for that particular day. I was not surprised.
On the flip side, there is then no need to worry on days, such as the hexagram of 55, abundance.
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