June Fourteenth ~ God’s Daily Minute ~ I Think He Got Us With This One.

June Fourteenth ~ God’s Daily Minute

 “The living shall praise Thee.” – Isaiah 38:19 ~

Heavenly Father, we thank thee for the refreshing sleep of last night, for sparing us to see another day, for our loved ones, and for this family altar, for our loved ones, and for this family altar, for the gift of Thy son, Jesus Christ, and for His love and self-sacrifice.
We sincerely repent of all wrongdoing. Pardon all our sins, and give to us a forgiving spirit. Help us to trust in Thy Word, and may we find in it medicine for the mind, and food for the soul.
We pray for our beloved country, and for all in authority, in our own and other nations. Bless the poor and needy, the sick and dying, the bereaved and all who are in distress. We plead with Thee for any who are wrongfully treated, until “justice roll on like water, and righteousness as a perennial stream.”
Abundantly reward the preaching of Thy Gospel everywhere, and bless our church and minister with an outpouring of Thy Holy Spirit, until one shall not have to say to another—“Know the Lord, –for all shall know Him from the least even unto the greatest.”
And to Thee will we give the glory forever and ever. Amen
By: Capt. (Rev.) H. S. Mullowney, M.A., B.D., Owen Sound, Ont., Canada

Social Distancing ~ “Have Fun”

Social distancing — what will it take à a nice glass of lemon aid ç  and some serious poker playing. When was the last time you played some poker, I am just saying. Live a little, free your mind, and “take it easy.” Of course, the Deli Lama has the perfect solution, meditation. I mean that’s all good but sometimes we need to live a little, ride that big swell. You know? Royal flush àthat sensation and of course the rewards, for card strategy, that is. To take a look click here!